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6-year Anniversary Weekend: Mallorca, Spain (on 35mm)

My first experience in Mallorca was in 2015. But I can barely remember this weekend as I suffered from food poisoning. What I still have in my mind, however, are trees with huge juicy oranges and lemons tangling from them, a…

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Vienna’s Creme de la Creme

There is no better way to start a morning than with coffee and a sweet treat. But the day gets even better when you discover a new favourite spot in your city: Vienna. Creme de la Creme is a…


Saint Pete, Florida … on 35mm

I’ve had my dad’s old analog camera laying at home for a few years now. My new friend Michelle, who is an amazing wedding film photographer, convinced me to try myself at film photography. So, I did.…


Finding my Fairy Tale Fix at Admont Abbey Library

So many of us are enchanted by fairy tales. The story line and the beauty of made-up places are something that takes us away from reality of everyday life. It is something so mesmerizing that you come to think it can only…


City Escape: Leopoldsteinersee

  Don’t get me wrong: Vienna is gorgeous and has much to offer. However, sometimes I just feel like escaping the concrete jungle with its busy people hurling the streets awaiting rejuvenation while being surrounded by untouched nature.One of the…

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Sleepless in Seattle,…

Last year in September, Y and I finally made our trip to the Pacific Northwest — a place I always dreamed of exploring. While we did not get to snowboard Whistler (this experience remains in the top 10 of my…