A Foodie’s Guide to Vancouver, British Columbia

Those who know me also know that I take great pride in finding the best brunch spots and the cutest cafes when traveling the globe. And what better excuse to spend a significant amount of time in comfy cafes than endless rainy days and calm grey skies.

Here you can find my favorite places we visited while exploring the stunning city of Vancouver.

Medina Cafe

On our first morning in Vancouver, we went to Medina Cafe for brunch. Let me tell you, I have no idea how we got so lucky and didn’t find a line in front of this eclectic brunch place by showing up around 10 am, the most prominent time as we were told later. We walked in, were seated, and while munching on our delicious Mediterranean-inspired dishes, we watched the line get longer and longer outside. From time to time, I spotted jealous stares on our brunch plates and delicious drinks. The interior design resembles an effortless bistro style with eclectic features and I loved it.  I suggest you try the Lavender Cappuccino.



Soft Peaks Ice Cream

I am an ice cream connoisseur and with the first day in Vancouver being the only and last sunny day on our trip, Yaël couldn’t avoid being dragged to this organic soft serve ice cream spot. Soft Peaks crafts their ice cream from local Avalon organic milk and the quality of the ingredients are superb. I combined my Rocky Mountain with toasted coconut and maple syrup. (PM to the guy who stood behind me questioning my choice in toppings: It was the perfect combination and you should try it sometime).

All in all, Soft Peaks didn’t disappoint and even my boyfriend Yaël, who is not a big friend of ice cream in general, enjoyed it. Not many words were exchanged while devouring our creamy treats as we were too busy stuffing our face. Another aspect I value is that they donate part of their proceeds to the BC Children’s hospital. What more do you want? Creamy soft serve ice cream made from organic and local ingredients and a charitable company culture!


The Truffle House & Cafe

The Truffle House & Cafe  is located in West Vancouver, a posh neighborhood just a 10 minute drive from our Airbnb in beautiful North Vancouver. The area is gorgeous, and on our drive we spotted huge villas with breathtaking views over the ocean. We imagined ourselves moving into one of the houses, but upon counting our money, we quickly figured out we could only afford breakfast in this stunning area. Arriving at The Truffle House & Cafe, they didn’t have space in the main area, so we were seated on their area in the back of the cafe. I would have preferred to sit inside to see the beautiful images they hung up on their walls, but once my Apple French Toast arrived I didn’t care much about the walls anymore. The French Toast was smothered in a rich and creamy cinnamon apple sauce and the dish was to die for. This is definitely not the dish for those usually munching on berries and sipping on juices, but so worth the calories. Advice? Just do like us: plan a hike after eating there and you’ll be fine.

Another plus was that they provided soy milk for the lactose intolerant, so I got my coffee fix on this early morning. When in West Vancouver you must visit this place.


Beaucoup Bakery & Cafe

Oh, Beaucoup Bakery & Cafe, you cute tiny place. I don’t even know where to start. Is it their cute owner who, when we came in, sat in the window and worked on recipes while greeting all her customers with a friendly smile, their adorable interior design, or their exceptional French pastries? I guess it’s all things combined that made this place so special. The Almond Croissants are divine and I am not sure I have ever tasted any better pastry than their Cardamom Kouign Amman. We were so lucky we found ourselves seats at one of the sweet marble tables in this tiny space.


Rain or Shine Ice Cream

While window shopping in the beautiful neighborhood of Kitsilano we happened to pass by a tiny ice cream store and of course I had to pop in and try their most adventurous scoops. After trying almost all interesting flavors on the handwritten menu, Salted Caramel and Coconut Choc Chunk it was. The outcome: A happy and smiling Melli.

Marutama Ra-Men

Cold weather always gives me an intense craving for soup. So it was only a question of time when we would finally fill our tummies with warm tasty soup. With Vancouver having a large number of famous and amazing Asian restaurants, it was quite obvious we would opt for Ramen. Upon arriving on a weekday afternoon we still had to sign ourselves up on a waiting list, and about 30 minutes later we were seated and served the most delicious warm bowl of Ramen I have ever had outside of Japan.


My Absolute Favorite Neighborhood Cafes

Arbutus Coffee

We discovered Arbutus Coffee after our visit to the University of British Columbia on our way to the neighborhood of Kitsilano. Driving by, I quickly decided we had to come back for breakfast. And we were not disappointed. I loved spending a rainy morning in this cozy space sipping on coffee and nibbling on a cookie while looking out the window and watching people in rain boots stepping in puddles of water.



Le Marché St. George

On our last morning, we made it to this little gem. Le Marché St. George is a hip neighborhood cafe located between Mt. Pleasant and the East Side. With the ultimate hipster vibe, friendly staff, and an amazing menu, we did not feel guilty spending 2 hours here on our last rainy morning in the city. I decided to have a crepe with fig spread and cheese for breakfast and it was the second greatest decision I made that morning (the first being driving to Le Marché St. George).  Their cappuccino with soy milk complemented my breakfast and I was perfectly set for 2 hours to be spent on a ferry to Victoria. I even got to purchase myself a tiny gift – a locally made and wonderfully smelling soy candle.

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