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    24 hours in Valletta, Malta

    When you find a flight with a 24-hr layover in a city — you book it. No questions asked. This is what my husband did on our recent trip to England.…

  • food vienna

    Vienna’s Creme de la Creme

    There is no better way to start a morning than with coffee and a sweet treat. But the day gets even better when you discover a new favourite spot in your…

  • travel

    Saint Pete, Florida … on 35mm

      I’ve had my dad’s old analog camera laying at home for a few years now. My new friend Michelle, who is an amazing wedding film photographer, convinced me to try myself at…

  • Austria

    City Escape: Leopoldsteinersee

      Don’t get me wrong: Vienna is gorgeous and has much to offer. However, sometimes I just feel like escaping the concrete jungle with its busy people hurling the streets awaiting rejuvenation…