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    EAST LONDON: L’eau à la Bouche

    While strolling through Broadway Market with Abigail on our Saturday morning date, I spotted a petite French cafe deli filled with people, some sitting at a huge table inside, some at the big windows, others in the sun…

  • food travel

    EAST LONDON: Broadway Market

    Saturday markets, hip and trendy! I fell in love these sweet places of joy and delicousness when living in Florida in 2012. Getting fresh produce, munching on local favorites, and meeting…

  • food travel

    EAST LONDON: Aida Shoreditch

    Aida Shoreditch is one of those places where the storefront naturally pulls you inside to have a closer look. And at this closer look, I adored this space. The beautifully curated concept…

  • food travel

    EAST LONDON: Leila’s Shop

    Breakfast at Leila’s Shop was simple and simply delicious. The little cafe in Shoreditch convinced us with its sweet and rustic design and the fact that all ingredients are taken from the neighboring grocery…

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    Photo Journal: Vancouver, BC

    You know that feeling of anxiousness and nervousness before finally arriving at a destination you’ve imagined so long? That insecurity which begs the question of if your high expectations of a certain destination…