6-year Anniversary Weekend: Mallorca, Spain (on 35mm)

My first experience in Mallorca was in 2015. But I can barely remember this weekend as I suffered from food poisoning. What I still have in my mind, however, are trees with huge juicy oranges and lemons tangling from them, a multitude of blues when gazing at the ocean, and lots of fun with my sweet friend Abigail. So, I knew back then already that I wanted to return at some point and experience it without feeling nauseous the entire time.

When I found flights with Eurowings for under 50 EUR round-trip a few weeks ago, I knew that this would be a fun thing to do with my fiancé. To enjoy our last anniversary as an unmarried couple in the warmth, eating oranges and tapas, devouring ice cream, and slurping Sangria would just be what we needed after a long and freezing winter in Vienna.

On our 6 year anniversary Y and I went to Mallorca together. The island known for the almond blossoms, citrus trees, a pretty coastline, bikers, and an overflow of German tourists.

What we love on our travels is finding secluded spots and making them our own. It is venturing off the beaten path and finding restaurants and bars true locals would frequent, but on this island, it seemed impossible to do that. While the scenery was indeed beautiful, we actually had a difficult time finding outstanding restaurants. Nothing “wowed” us. Everything seemed overpriced and mediocre. I felt a bit like I failed in making our trip one of a kind.

Nevertheless, we  did soak up sun and enjoyed ourselves a bunch. We watched a beautiful sunset in Cap de Formentor, had quaint evenings together talking about our future, and read up on the Island’s history and culture.

Once more, I only brought my analog camera on this get-away and had an awful lot of fun picking scenes to photograph. The excitement of waiting for our photos to come back from the lab is just such an interesting feeling. It brings me back to the time when my dad would photograph with the camera and we waited until he brought home the photos in a huge envelope for us to look at as a family.

Without further ado, some impressions of Mallorca:









The first night we stayed in a super nice hotel: San Lorenzo. The other three nights Y and I rented an Airbnb, which was cute too, with a super nice view  and pretty details.





Around the corner from our Airbnb was this fabulous cafe, where you could order Nutelccino. Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of this yumminess because I messed up the photo. I’m still learning to photograph on film so, that’s how it goes. I did post a lot more photos on Instagram.




We drove around the island and visited small towns like Valldemossa, Deia, and Soller.





And on our 6 year anniversary we went to Cap the Formentor to admire the sunset.






Where to eat and drink:

  • Cafe Can Toni (delicious tapas)
  • Madeleine de Proust (breakfast)
  • Mercat de Santa Catalina (buying fresh fruits and veggies, fish, tapas)
  • La Molienda (Nutelccino)
  • Cafe L’Antiquari (best Sangria)
  • Bens d’Aval Restaurant (tasting menu, stunning views of the coast)

Our favourite area in Palma de Mallorca:

  • Santa Catalina (because it felt the least touristy)

Shopping is cheap at:

  • Mango
  • Zara
  • Massimo Dutti

What to buy:

  • Leather goods (shoes and hand bags)
  • oranges, lemons, and almonds

Interesting facts:

  • Majority language on the island is not Spanish but Catalan
  • If Catalunya ever seceded, Mallorca would even try to go with them
  • Mallorcan almond ice cream is a thing – try it

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